Major Grants

Major Grants

For the Major Grants, projects can be awarded $2,000 to $20,000. 

While the Mini-Grants are mostly for smaller, more short-term projects, the Major Grants should be much larger and more complex projects that aim to resolve a particular sustainability issue.

Apply by submitting an application. Failure to follow the instructions and requirements listed in the grant proposal form will disqualify your application.

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Major Grants for 2017-18:

  • Biological Orchard and Gardens Final Site Development, $19,934; Andra George, Animal Biology, Kelly Richmond, Plant Sciences, and Ernesto Sandoval, Botanical Conservatory Manager/Curator
  • Bioremediation for Storm water Runoff, $11,010; Amanda Ho, Environmental Science and Management
  • Dutton Hall Hydration Stations, $14,700; Don Dudley, Student Support and Judicial Affairs, and Ronda Papas, Student Accounting
  • Indigenous Foods Seminar Series, $5,080; Ellen Sanders-Raigosa, Environmental Policy and Planning, and Jacquelyn Ross, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Native Pollinator Hedge Rows and Gardens at the UC Davis Equestrian Center, $10,000; Meg Drescher and Holly Fox, Equestrian Center-Campus Recreation
  • Rooftop Garden (Planning Phase), $780; Brooke Garcher, Sustainable Environmental Design, Vanessa Lovel, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, and Kelli O’Day, ASUCD CoHo Production Manager and Sustainability Coordinator
  • Solar Compactors for Outdoor Compost Collection, $20,000; Sue Vang, Engagement and Zero Waste Program Manager
  • Unitrans Near-Zero Emission Bus Propulsion System Pilot, $20,000; Richard Bramble, Engineering, and Jeff Flynn, ASUCD Unitrans General Manager

TOTALS: 8 of 18 submitted projects funded, 7 projects returned for possible revision and resubmission.  Total awarded: $101,504.