About TGIF

About The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Committee

The TGIF Committee reads and evaluates submitted grant proposals three times a year and decides on awards; provides guidance and project management oversight to funded projects; conducts campus outreach to spread word of TGIF funds; works with the TGIF Grant Manager to administer the TGIF funds; and works in subcommittees and conducts weekly full committee meetings during the academic year to accomplish the work of the Committee.

The TGIF Committee welcomes applications from students in all majors and seeks to build a collegial team that represents the diversity of the UC Davis campus while making wise use of student funds to support projects across the full spectrum of campus sustainability. Students are appointed to the Committee by an application process developed by the 2017-18 TGIF Committee and staff in the Office of Sustainability. The majority of the Committee’s voting seats are held by undergraduate students. The 2019-2020 Committee’s appointed members are expected to also include an ASUCD representative, the Director of the Office of Sustainability, the TGIF Grant Manager, a representative from the Committee on Student Activities and Fees, a staff member, and a faculty member.

TGIF Committee Leadership Roles include:

Co-Chairs Run the committee meetings in accordance with a relaxed version of Roberts Rules of Order, and develop agendas, in coordination and collaboration with Grant Manager
Secretary Takes and posts meeting minutes, and contacts Committee about meeting action items, in coordination and collaboration with Grant Manager
Treasurer Reports on TGIF finances, in coordination and collaboration with Grant Manager

TGIF Sub-committees include:

Grant Application Advising Assist applicants in developing strong grant proposals
Grant Project Management Provide project management support to ensure projects are moving forward and complying with requirements, timelines, and budgets
Marketing Create and maintain a consistent TGIF brand and message; help design outreach materials, particularly giveaways ("swag"); assist in preparation for fee renewal referendum
Outreach Creatively promote and raise awareness of TGIF across campus through a wide variety of methods, activities, events, and other means
Social Media Manage TGIF social media accounts to raise awareness about TGIF and share progress updates of TGIF awarded sustainability projects
Bylaws Committee Create and maintain TGIF bylaws for adoption by the full Committee; prepare for fee renewal referendum
Committee Membership Manage TGIF Committee membership application process, in coordination and collaboration with Grant Manager

The 2018-19 TGIF Committee includes eight undergraduate students: Maria Arteaga, Bella Bucheli, Liz Guzman, Matt Licina, Jillian McCarty, Chiara Olmes-Leiva, Megan Powers, and Madison Suoja; one graduate student, Nermin Dessouky; and one staff, Camille Kirk, Director of Sustainability; and is staffed by interim TGIF Grant Managers Amanda Gonzalez and Jeannethe Lopez Guzman. Financial and administrative mentoring to the 2018-19 Committee is provided by Laurie Carney, Assistant Director, Program Budget and Policy; Diane Jellison, Budget Analyst; Jason Lorgan, COSAF Advisor and Executive Director; and Greg Ortiz, ASUCD Business Manager.

About TGIF and future careers

Scientists, engineers, social scientists, and non-profit organizations need money to support their work, and they often seek grant funding for that purpose. TGIF offers students an opportunity to begin learning the skills to develop and write grants while enrolled. Students who serve on the TGIF Committee gain valuable experience evaluating grant proposals, managing an approximately $200,000 fund, and serving on a committee with a formal voting process.

Students who graduate with grant writing and/or management experience are better positioned for graduate school and for future grant-intensive research and/or academic careers; as well as careers as Program Officers or Analysts at state agencies, in private consulting firms, at federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes for Health (NIH), and at private foundations such as Moore, Hewlett, or Gates.

About sustainability at UC Davis

UC Davis is ranked the greenest university in the country and the third greenest in the world in the 2018 UI GreenMetric World University Rankings. The campus has one of the largest university solar farms in the country, the first ever LEED Platinum certified brewery/winery/food processing facility, a 100% student-driven bus fleet and robust biking community, and our faculty inspired the launch of the UC Million LED Challenge. Visit our website and read more about our sustainability achievements.