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Frequently Asked Questions about Grant Applications:

We understand that applicants may have questions about applying, even after they've reviewed the instructions on the Apply page and in the Grant Application Form. Here are answers to commonly asked questions we've received from grant applicants:

Before You Apply

  • How much money can I request for my project?
  • Anywhere between $200 and $20,000.
  • Can TGIF connect me with an existing project to join their team?
  • TGIF does not facilitate the creation of addition to an existing team and project. You can search in our project database summary for existing projects or attend clubs on campus to try and join an existing team. 
  • Who can apply?
  • Priority is given to student-led projects, but faculty and staff can also apply as long as you demonstrate student involvement or that you are providing a major benefit to a widespread portion of the student body.
  • Can my proposed budget include wages or stipends for people working on the project?
  • Yes, but wages or stipends must meet the following criteria: (a) Up to 50 percent maximum of total stipends/wages needed for a project may be requested in the budget proposal; (b) if a mix of undergraduate and graduate students' stipends/wages is requested, then a maximum of 20% of the 50% funding may be requested for graduate students; (c) TGIF does not fund faculty salaries or stipends.
  • Who are project stakeholders?
  • Project stakeholders are any staff, faculty, or students that will be directly involved with your project and are important to its completion. These are not endorsements of your project; they are evidence that you have consulted relevant stakeholders on campus. If you would like to discuss who the relevant stakeholders might be, please contact us at
  • What can I do to increase my chances of the project being funded?
  • Ensure that your project benefits the UC Davis undergraduate community and includes students in carrying out the project. We strongly encourage a robust plan for outreach about your project. We are looking for projects that directly address campus sustainability, have a clearly defined and measurable outcome, include student involvement, or provides widespread benefits to the student body, including publicity, outreach, or education, and have taken into consideration the project's long-term economic stability. 
  • I’ve missed the deadline to submit my project proposal application. Are applications still accepted after the deadline?
  • The Main Grant applications are accepted on a quarterly basis on the Monday of the fifth week of the quarter. Therefore, you would have to submit your application the following quarter in order for your application to be considered and reviewed. Mini Grants are accepted on a rolling basis until May 1st. 

After You Apply

  • When will I find out if my project was funded?
  • You will hear from TGIF about the status of your project by the end of the quarter that you submit your proposal. 
  • What happens if my project is funded?
  • If the TGIF Committee votes to fund your project, you will receive a letter from TGIF with award conditions. You will need to sign this letter. Then, an account will be created and one-half of your funds will be deposited into the account. Halfway through your project, you will submit a Mid-Point Progress Report. If your project is on track and proceeding well, the second half of your funds will be released. 
  • What happens if my project is not funded?
  • If the TGIF Committee votes to not fund your project, you will receive comments specifying why the project was not selected. You are able to apply again in a later application cycle, either with the same project or a different project. If you apply again with the same project, we recommend that you incorporate feedback from the TGIF Committee. We also recommend that you reach out to the TGIF Grant Advising team, who can help you form a strong proposal. Please reach the TGIF Grant Advising team at
  • Who can I contact for further information/advising?

After your Granted 

  • What do I do if I am behind schedule in my granted project?
  • If your project is behind schedule, you can submit a Project Timeline Amendment Form. The committee will review is and decided to approve or deny your request. Be sure to talk to your Project Liaison first, we may give an informal extension depending on how much additional time you need. 
  • How can I find out how much funds are remaining in my project account?
  • For any questions regarding your currents funds, reach out to your business account manager. 
  • I am graduating and another student is taking over the project. How do I transfer the project to them? 
  • The two of you, and your business account manager, will need to file a Project Lead Transfer Form.
  • I completed the scope of my project underbudget. What can I do with the remaining funds? 
  • There are two options for the funds. (1) The funds are returned to TGIF. (2) You can submit a Project Scope Amendment form to request use of the funds for an additional task/purchase that would further or help your project. The committee will review your request and approve or deny. 
  • How do I spend my TGIF Funds?
  • You will work with you business account manager to spend the funds. 

COVID-specific Questions

  • Does my project have to be on the UC Davis campus?
  • Generally, TGIF grants awards to projects that are on the UC Davis campus. However, we understand that many students are not on campus during this time. We recommend focusing your project to benefit the UC Davis community, even if it does not occur on campus. For example, sustainability-based virtual projects that UC Davis students could access would be considered by TGIF. 
  • How do I make a project timeline without knowing when the UC Davis campus will be at full capacity? 
  • Applicants should frame their proposal timeline for their projects as if they were to conduct the project under normal circumstances. We don't want the current situation to discourage folks from applying, and we will work with each and every one of you to begin that timeline whenever you can safely begin your great work! 
  • Do the stakeholders need to provide ink signatures?
  • Electronic signatures will be accepted as long as they are accompanied by an email from each signatory stating they are agreeing to sign the application.


If you have a question that was not answered above, please feel free to email us at !