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Join the TGIF Committee and become a force for sustainable change at UC Davis, while developing yourself as a professional and a leader

Application deadline for the 2022-23 TGIF Committee is April 27, 2022 @ 5pm

About the TGIF Committee

TGIF Committee Member Responsibilities ​​​​​​

  • Attend weekly committee meetings on Wednesdays from noon-1pm​​​
  • Commit 5-10 hours per week to TGIF, including the weekly meeting
  • Full Academic Year commitment, with potential for monthly meetings during the summer 
  • Must occupy two available TGIF roles, e.g. serving on a subcommittee and/or holding a leadership position

Access the 2022-23 TGIF Application

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) Committee is a majority undergraduate committee that steward the student fee funded TGIF grant fund. This grant fund has typically awarded $100,000 to $200,000 each academic year. The TGIF Committee welcomes applications from students in all majors and seeks to build a collegial team that represents the diversity of the UC Davis campus while making wise use of student funds to support projects across the full spectrum of campus sustainability.

The TGIF Committee reads and evaluates submitted grant proposals and decides on awards; provides guidance and project management oversight to funded projects; conducts campus outreach to spread word of TGIF funds; works with the TGIF Grant Manager to administer the TGIF funds; and works in subcommittees and conducts weekly full committee meetings during the academic year to accomplish the work of the Committee.

Students are appointed to the Committee by an application process developed by the 2017-18 TGIF Committee and staff in the UC Davis Sustainability office. The majority of the Committee’s voting seats are held by undergraduate students, with up to two graduate students. The Committee’s appointed members include a staff member (voting seat), a faculty member (voting seat), an ASUCD Environmental Policy and Planning Commission representative (ex-officio), a student representative from the Committee on Student Activities and Fees (ex-officio), the Director of Sustainability (ex-officio), and the Student Engagement Program Manager (staff to the Committee).

Why join the TGIF Committee? 

  • Professional Development

    • Interacting with UC Davis students, faculty, and staff at various stages of the proposal development and project implementation process allows TGIF Committee members to develop valuable communication, outreach, organization, and leadership skills.
    • Each TGIF Committee member has the opportunity to regularly practice and develop these valuable transferable skills in a supportive environment. 
  • Career Preparation

    • TGIF offers students an opportunity to begin learning the skills to develop and manage grants while enrolled.

    • Students who serve on the TGIF Committee gain beneficial experience evaluating grant proposals, managing an approximately $200,000 fund, and serving on a committee with a formal voting process.


TGIF seeks up to nine students, majority undergraduates, as voting members through our application process. Students may come from any major, must be enrolled as either part- or full-time students during their membership year, and are asked to serve for a full academic year. All voting members may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Criteria for selection of student committee members may include evaluation of student's academic standing. Both undergraduates and graduate students are welcome to apply. 

TGIF endorses the UC Davis Principles of Community and is committed to cultivating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive collaborative working environment. The Committee values the richness that diverse perspectives contribute and invites applications from individuals of all backgrounds.


Each voting student member of the TGIF Committee will receive a stipend of $250.00 per academic quarter.

How to Apply

Please direct any questions regarding this application form or process to

Access the 2022-23 Application 


The Current TGIF Committee 

The 2022-23 TGIF Committee includes undergraduate students: Nathan Lee, Annie Kanjamala, Cassandra Eng, Claire Fu, Danielle Lowe, Hayley Jones, Kaelynn Tan, and Katerina Mahdavi; graduate student: TBD; staff member: Caroline Firman; faculty member: TBD; COSAF ex-officio student member: Kelly Abey; ASUCD EPPC ex-officio student member: TBD; and ex-officio Sustainability director: Camille Kirk; the committee is staffed by ex-officio member and Student Engagement Program Manager, Carla Fresquez, ex-officio member and Grant Program Manager Madison Suoja, and by ex-officio member and TGIF Student Assistant Alivia Gharib. Financial and administrative mentoring to the 2022-23 Committee is provided by Diane Jellison, Budget Analyst, and Jason Lorgan, COSAF Advisor and Executive Director.

Past TGIF Committees 

  • 2021-22 TGIF Committee
  • Undergraduate students: Nathan Lee, Kimberly Leilani Viramontes, Ramya Chandrasekaran, Taylor Lewis, and Natalie Lauerman
    Graduate student: Amelia Flack
    Staff member: Caroline Firman
    COSAF student member (ex-officio): Ehsan Sherdil
    ASUCD EPPC student member (ex-officio): Sydney Cliff
    Office of Sustainability Director (ex-officio): Camille Kirk 
    Student Engagement Program Manager (ex-officio): Carla Fresquez
    Grant Program Manager: Madison Suoja 

    Financial and administrative mentoring to the 2021-22 Committee was provided by Diane Jellison (Budget Analyst) and Jason Lorgan (COSAF Advisor and Executive Director). 
  • 2020-21 TGIF Committee
  • Undergraduate students: Ellie Alto, Itzel Gallardo, Joanne Kwak, Ramya Chandrasekaren, and Sydney Cliff 
    Graduate students: Jules Mouat and Peter Geoghan (alternate)
    Staff member: Jennifer Larr
    COSAF student member (ex-officio): Michael Julian Bauzon 
    ASUCD EPPC student member (ex-officio): Hunter Ottman
    Office of Sustainability Director (ex-officio): Camille Kirk
    Grant Program Manager: Carla Fresquez

    Financial and administrative mentoring to the 2020-2021 Committee was provided by Diane Jellison (Budget Analyst), and Jason Lorgan (COSAF Advisor and Executive Director) 
  • 2019-20 TGIF Committee 
  • Undergraduate students: Bella Bucheli, Rachel Glover, Jin Huang, Lili Jeske, Lydia Kao, Savan Khathar and Elana Nager
    Graduate students: Jules Mouat (alternate) and Peter Geoghan
    Staff member: Jennifer Larr
    Faculty member: Gwen Arnold
    COSAF student member (ex-officio): Grace Byun
    ASUCD EPPC student member (ex-officio): Hunter Ottman
    Office of Sustainability Director (ex-officio): Camille Kirk
    Grant Program Manager: Jeannethe Lopez Guzman

    Financial and administrative mentoring to the 2019-20 Committee is provided by Diane Jellison (Budget Analyst) and Jason Lorgan (COSAF Advisor and Executive Director). 
  • 2018-19 TGIF Committee
  • Undergraduate students: Maria Arteaga, Bella Bucheli, Liz Guzman, Matt Licina, Jillian McCarty, Chiara Olmes-Leiva, Megan Powers, and Madison Suoja
    Graduate student: Nermin Dessouky 
    Office of Sustainability (ex-officio): Camille Kirk
    TGIF Grant Managers: Amanda Gonzalez and Jeannethe Lopez Guzman 

    Financial and administrative mentoring to the 2018-19 Committee was provided by Laurie Carney (Assistant Director, Program Budget and Policy); Diane Jellison (Budget Analyst); Jason Lorgan (COSAF Advisor and Executive Director); and Greg Ortiz (ASUCD Business Manager). 
  • 2017-18 TGIF Committee
  • Undergraduate students: Christopher Flores, Brooke Garcher, Nicholas Griswold, Lois Kim, Chase McFadden, Chiara Olmes-Leiva, and Sarah Risher 
    Faculty member: Annaliese Franz 
    Staff member: Laurie Carney
    Office of Sustainability (ex-officio): Bob Segar and Camille Kirk
    TGIF Grant Managers: Allen Doyle and J.C. Ross

    Financial and administrative mentoring to the 2017-18 Committee was provided by Laurie Carney (Assistant Director, Program Budget and Policy); Diane Jellison (Budget Analyst); and Greg Ortiz (Interim ASUCD Business Manager). 

    The 2017-18 Committee was the inaugural granting committee, and would like to thank Diane Jellison and the many department account managers across the university who supported students in their individual projects.
  • Inaugural 2016-17 TGIF Committee
  • The inaugural 2016-17 TGIF Committee focused on setting up and organizing TGIF to be ready to give grants out in 2017-18

    Undergraduate students: Summer Jean Cortez, Abigail Lourenco, Chase McFadden, Brent Rosenwald, and Arianna Stokes
    Staff member: Bob Segar (Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus Planning and Environmental Stewardship)
    Faculty member: Carolyn Thomas (Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education)

    Administrative and financial mentoring to the 2016-17 Committee was provided by Allen Doyle and Camille Kirk (Office of Sustainability); Laurie Carney (Assistant Director, Program Budget and Policy); Kristen Fernandez (Budget Analyst); John Campbell (Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs-Divisional Resources); and Janice Corbett (ASUCD Business Manager).