Granted Projects

Granted Projects

Photo of a project display.
Educational outreach events, such as Project Compost's vermicomposting workshop, make great grant proposals.

2017-18 TGIF Grants Awarded, by the numbers:

  • 34 of 48 submitted projects funded
  • Total funds awarded: $134,320
  • The Committee returned 7 projects for possible revision and re-submission
  • Projects awarded in 2017-18 involved students from 19 different majors

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) 2017-18 Committee awarded the following grants for projects and student research:

  • Aggie Rack Restoration Project with Recycled Bike Parts, $2000; Bryan Sykes, Political Science, Bianca Antunez, Aggie Distribution Student Manager, and Laurie Pederson, Aggie Business Development Manager
  • Aggie Reuse Store Revitalization, $1415; Nicole Garcia, Communication
  • Aggie Stadium Zero Waste Signage, $1990; Sue Vang, Engagement and Zero Waste Program Manager
  • Biological Orchard and Gardens Final Site Development, $19,934; Andra George, Animal Biology, Kelly Richmond, Plant Sciences, and Ernesto Sandoval, Botanical Conservatory Manager/Curator
  • Bioremediation for Storm water Runoff, $11,010; Amanda Ho, Environmental Science and Management
  • Calculating the UC Davis Campus Nitrogen Footprint, $1350; Miroslava Munguia, Environmental Science, and Elizabeth Castner, Geography
  • CoHo Waste Diversion, $2000; Brooke Garcher, Sustainable Environmental Design, and Kelli O’Day, CoHo Sustainability Coordinator
  • Dutton Hall Hydration Stations, $14,700; Don Dudley, Student Support and Judicial Affairs, and Ronda Papas, Student Accounting
  • Ethical Eating and World Peace Speaker, $300; McKenna Maxwell, Environmental Science and Management, and Ili Zisman, Animal Science
  • Floating Island in the Arboretum Waterway to improve Water Quality, $2000; Kendal Hicks and Tiffani To, Environmental Science and Management, and Nina Suzuki, Arboretum and Public Garden Waterway Steward
  • Fragrance-Free UC Davis, $1395; Claire Montgomery, Nutrition and Music, and Liza Grandia, Associate Professor of Native American Studies
  • Fresh Focus Program: Gleaning Coordinator, $1960; Dana Ng, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, and Katharine Ullmann, Director of Student Farm
  • Incentivizing Recycling Behavior Through Interactive Waste Bins, $800; Joel Montalvo, Undeclared Life Sciences, and Sue Vang, Engagement and Zero Waste Program Manager
  • Inclusive Sustainability Marketing to Residence Halls, $635; Isabella Jimenez, Pre-Landscape Architecture
  • Increasing Landfill Diversion within AEPi Fraternity, $800; Zachary Jamison-Cash, Biomedical Engineering & Managerial Economics, and Daniel Vainish, Political Science
  • Indigenous Foods Seminar Series, $5,080; Ellen Sanders-Raigosa, Environmental Policy and Planning, and Jacquelyn Ross, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Low Impact Design Monitoring in the Arboretum, $2000; Vita Sandhu, Environmental Science and Management (Watershed Track)
  • Medicine Collection Bin, $2000; Melissa Oh, Business/Managerial Economics, and Joanne Brasch, Lecturer-Textiles and Clothing
  • Native Pollinator Hedge Rows and Gardens at the UC Davis Equestrian Center, $10,000; Meg Drescher and Holly Fox, Equestrian Center-Campus Recreation
  • Picnic Day Zero Waste Children’s Discovery Fair, $583; Elisa Pohlhammer, Human Development and Psychology
  • Project Invigorate: Sustainable Horticulture and Landscape Redesigns, $1992; Chen Zhong, Sustainable Environmental Design, and Heigi Wan, Viticulture and Enology
  • Research: Kinetics study and optimization of crude urease extract, $1750; Kahui Lim, Civil Engineering
  • Research: Reduction of toxic phenolic compounds in olive oil waste streams, $1244; Chelsey Souza, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Lauren Crawford, Food Science and Technology
  • Research: Smart Trash Can, $1990; Pranav Gupta, Navid Al Nadvi, Jenny Yang, and Andrew Shephard, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Rooftop Garden (Planning Phase), $780; Brooke Garcher, Sustainable Environmental Design, Vanessa Lovel, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, and Kelli O’Day, ASUCD CoHo Production Manager and Sustainability Coordinator
  • Solar Compactors for Outdoor Compost Collection, $20,000; Sue Vang, Engagement and Zero Waste Program Manager
  • Solar Powered Ventilation and Education at the Student Farm’s Greenhouse, $1550; Noah Coleman, International Agricultural Development, and Raoul Adamchak, Market Garden/CSA Coordinator, Student Farm
  • Solar-Heater Radiant Floor Upgrade at The Domes, $1440; Jake Parkhurst, Mechanical Engineering
  • Sustainable Greek Life, $252; Vivian Connolly, Environmental Science and Management
  • The Happiness Project: Sustainable Self Care, $370; Maria Bundang, Psychology, and Lilianna Russu, Communication and Cognitive Science
  • Unitrans Near-Zero Emission Bus Propulsion System Pilot, $20,000; Richard Bramble, Engineering, and Jeff Flynn, ASUCD Unitrans General Manager
  • Yolo County Farmworker Justice Awareness Project, $1000; Matt Bridges, International Agricultural Development