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After You Apply

What happens after you submit an application?

Our Review Process

As noted in Section 1.1 and 3.1 of the TGIF Bylaws, the Committee shall decide whether or not to allocate funds to submitted projects by a simple majority vote of the full Committee voting membership. The Committee may elect to:

  • Fund only a portion of a proposal.
  • Request a proposer revise and resubmit a project proposal. 
  • Request an in-person (virtual) meeting or otherwise solicit further information from a project applicant in order to make a decision on a project proposal.

Response Types

  • Declined
  • A project proposal has not recieved a simple majority of approval from the Committee, and therefore has been declined. If you or your team intends on submitting a new application in a later application period, we strongly recommend that you request and attend a advising session with the Committee before re-submitting. 
  • Revise and Resubmit
  • A project proposal may be missing important information, such as appropriate signage and sponsorship, or may include inaccurate and problematic content. The Committee requests that you resubmit an updated version of the proposal with the necessary changes. Depending on the nature and scope of the requested changes, the committee may request that you resubmit the proposal during the next grant cycle.
  • Contingency & Follow-up Questions
  • The Committee requires clarification from the project lead/team in order to better inform its decision. In some instances, the Committee may request that specific areas of the either the project in general or the budget in specific be modified, which would result in the formal approval of the proposal by the Committee. 
  • Awarded
  • The project proposal has received, at a minimum, a simple majority of approval from the Committee.  In order to receive funds, several additional steps must be taken. Additionally, a line of continuous, timely, and appropriate communication must be established and maintained between the project lead and the Committee liaison until the project has reached completion, and all required documentation has been submitted and received final approval.  
Expectations for Granted Projects:
  • All projects must return the signed Project Conditions Agreement to the Grant Manager prior to receiving funds. Projects will be held responsible for meeting the terms of said agreement and any other documents and obligations.
  • Any changes to project scope of work, budgeted expenditures, or other changes to the project as proposed, accepted by the Committee, and agreed to by the project applicant, must be brought forward to the Grant Manager and full Committee prior to making such changes to the project scope or expenditures.
  • All projects funded by the Committee shall submit a progress report at the project mid-point to the Grant Manager, per the progress report template available on the website or from the Grant Manager.
  • All projects funded by the Committee shall submit a final report at the conclusion of the project. The report must include a budget detailing the spending of all funds and follow the final report template available on the website or from the Grant Manager (
  • Upon review of a report, the Grant Manager shall judge whether the funds were spent within the scope of a project. If the Grant Manager feels the funds were spent outside of project scope, they may recommend that the Committee require return of funds to TGIF.

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