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The Green Roof Demonstration is out on display!

The TGIF funded project contributes to a sustainable future  

The ultimate goal of this project is to contribute to the development of an industry-wide standard for green roof irrigation in California. Using cutting-edge irrigation technology, the demo is currently monitoring the water use of California native grassland species to observe their adaptability to a green roof environment so they can potentially be used for future green roof projects. 

Viewers can observe and learn more about the Green Roof Demonstration at the UC Davis Western Center for Agricultural Engineering. 

TGIF funded project creating a "Fung-topia"


How fungi roots might help build a sustainable planet

Researchers at UC Davis are creating sustainable structures that can be turned into everything from biodegradable plastics and circuit boards to filters that remove harmful antibiotic and pesticide residues from water.

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department features research funded by TGIF!


The Green Initiative Fund is up for renewal on the Spring 2021 ballot!

Undergraduate students will have the chance in the Spring 2021 Election (May 10-13) to vote on the renewal of the TGIF Quarterly Fee, effective Fall 2021. What would a "yes" vote mean?

TGIF will continue providing critical funding for student-centered environmental sustainability projects, internships, and sustainability programming and initiatives through the 2030-31 academic year.

Spring Quarter 2021 Rolling Applications

New grant cycle format for Spring 2021 TGIF Grants The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) is excited to announce that it will be transitioning to a rolling grant application period for Spring Quarter 2021.

As the UC Davis community prepares for a return to campus and for in-person activities to resume, we hope that the extended application period will encourage potential applicants to begin thinking about possible projects that include in-person components.