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The Green Initiative Fund is up for renewal on the Spring 2021 ballot!

Undergraduate students will have the chance in the Spring 2021 Election (May 10-13) to vote on the renewal of the TGIF Quarterly Fee, effective Fall 2021.

What would a "yes" vote mean?

TGIF will continue providing critical funding for student-centered environmental sustainability projects, internships, and sustainability programming and initiatives through the 2030-31 academic year. The UC Davis community will continue to benefit from the leadership and learning opportunities that TGIF provides to committee members and project participants.

What would a "no" vote mean?

TGIF will be dissolved and will no longer be able to provide funding for future student-centered environmental sustainability projects, internships, and sustainability programming and initiatives. Dozens of opportunities for leadership and experiential learning will no longer be available to the UC Davis community.

How does the fee increase work?

The quarterly fee for undergraduate students will remain at $3 until the 2023-24 academic year. After the 2022-2023 AY, the quarterly fee will raise to $5 and then continue to rise by $0.50 per AY until 2030-31. TGIF participates in Return-to-Aid, meaning that 25% of fees collected by TGIF return to student aid. 

About Us

TGIF was established at UC Davis in 2016, implementing a $3 quarterly fee for undergraduate students. TGIF was passed with a ‘Sunset Clause’, requiring renewal in the Spring of 2021. This fee funds student-centered projects that support educational opportunities, promote environmental awareness, increase energy and water efficiency, advocate for climate justice, and reduce the amount of waste created on campus.

Since its inception, TGIF has funded nearly 100 projects, creating dozens of experiential learning and leadership opportunities for the UC Davis community. These projects range broadly; from building an electric race car to reducing nutrient levels in the Arboretum Waterway; from hosting climate change education conferences to developing and studying bio-based materials. These projects demonstrate the UC Davis community’s dedication to sustainability, and TGIF is proud to support both the projects and the incredible teams that proposed and implemented them. 

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