TGIF Background

Background on TGIF

An undergraduate student fee funds TGIF ($3.00 per quarter, beginning in fall 2016). Twenty-five percent returns to student aid. Student leaders created a successful campus campaign and the student body approved the fee referendum during the February 2016 elections. It received final approval by the Chancellor and UC Regents during summer 2016.

The Green Initiative Fund is hosted by the Office of Sustainability in recognition of the office's central role in campus operations, academic projects, planning, design, and policy. TGIF outreach, proposal coordination, and grant management is managed by a staff member, paid 50% by TGIF funds. The Committee and the Grant Manager regularly report to the ASUCD Senate and COSAF.

The 2017-18 TGIF Committee included seven undergraduate students: Sarah Risher, Lois Kim, Brooke Garcher, Chiara Olmes-Leiva, Christopher Flores, Nicholas Griswold, and Chase McFadden; Bob Segar, (fall/winter quarter staff member); Camille Kirk (spring quarter staff member); and Annaliese Franz (faculty member). Financial and administrative mentoring to the 2017-18 Committee was provided by Allen Doyle; J.C. Ross; Laurie Carney; Diane Jellison, Budget Analyst; and Greg Ortiz, Interim ASUCD Business Manager. The 2017-18 Committee was the inaugural granting committee, and would like to thank Diane Jellison and the many department account managers across the university who supported students in their individual projects.

The 2016-17 TGIF Committee focused on setting up and organizing TGIF to be ready to give grants out in 2017-18; the Committee included five undergraduate students: Brent Rosenwald, Summer Cortez, Abigail Lourenco, Chase McFadden, and Arianna Stokes; Bob Segar, Associate Vice Chancellor of Campus Planning and Environmental Stewardship (staff member); and Carolyn Thomas, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education (faculty member). Administrative and financial mentoring to the 2016-17 Committee was provided by Allen Doyle, Green Labs Program Manager; Camille Kirk, Director of Sustainability and Campus Sustainability Planner; Laurie Carney, Assistant Director, Program Budget and Policy; Kristen Fernandez, Budget Analyst; John Campbell, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs-Divisional Resources; and Janice Corbett, ASUCD Business Manager.